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Purchasing an investment property is a substantial investment of both time and money, and owning a rental property is more than just owning a building.  There are risks that come with all of the potential rewards of making this kind of investment.  We can help you mitigate some of these risks, and insure against others, in order to ensure that your investment is safe and protected.

We specialize in insuring investment properties. Several of our carriers are very competitive, and we can offer the full range of coverage options: Basic, Broad, or Special form, ACV or replacement cost, flexibility on loss of rents coverage, etc. In addition, we can insure vacant properties and properties that are undergoing renovations.

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We take the time to learn what’s important to you before presenting a program. What deductible would you prefer? Do you need contents coverage?  Is pricing the top priority, or would you like more broad coverage? These are the questions we ask to help you make an informed risk management decision.

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